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We know how important is your time and visiting our shop without the clear idea on what to expect is a nuisance, specially those times that you expect the item to be there, but the item is already sold.

Get updated by our team!
With the limited numbers of supplies and high numbers of demands, knowing when the new item is arriving and what item that have  already arrived and available would give you a peace of mind that you will AND will expect the item to be there.

For inquiries you can contact us via
Landline: 410-89-38/411-47-16
Mobile: 0925-5258475
Facebook: UsedOfficeFurniturePhilippines

2 thoughts on “Get Updated”

  1. Hi there
    We are looking for a strong metal/wood lockable cupboard or bookcase with doors to store plastics in overnight
    Also a strong desk with under storage and closed front
    Do you have anything simular?

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